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Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, June 2

  • Bring your own coffee to church (see NSMC announcement below)
  • 9:30am NSMC Worship at Libertyville Civic Center (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)
    • Communion
  • 11:00am Second Hour
  • 12:00pm Potluck

Tuesday, June 4

  • 7:00pm Creation Care meeting (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)
    • Discussion of Energy Efficiency and Faithful Action (see full announcement below)

Thursday, June 6

  • 7:00pm Zoom Bible Study in Proverbs (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Sunday, June 9

  • 9:30am CCMC Worship in Schaumburg (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Coffee During the Summer

Plan to bring your own coffee to church during the months of June, July, and August. The Fellowship Committee is taking a well-deserved break.

June 9: Recognition of Gifts of the World

During worship on June 9, Christ Community Mennonite Church will mark the closing of the Gifts of the World store. Past store volunteers have been invited to be part of the service, discussion hour and potluck. Discussion hour will include sharing of memories and stories of the store.

June 16: No Worship Service at NSMC

Due to the numbers of us who will be out of town, there will be no gathered worship at NSMC on June 16. Look for upcoming information on worship at CCMC.

The Creation Care group will be discussing the MCUSA webinar “Energy Efficiency and Faithful Action.” Even if you didn’t attend, plan to join the discussion and bring any other concern that caught your attention over the past month.

During the summer months, the Creation Care group will meet once a month on the first Tuesday of the month unless otherwise notified.

Peaceful Options for Training and Careers (POTC) has launched a website where young adults across the U.S. can find information about non-military careers, service and training opportunities. Learn more here: mennoniteusa.org/news/potc-website/

On June 18 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, join Nancy Kauffmann, Mennonite Church USA interim denominational minister of Church Safety, Michael Danner, MC USA associate executive director for Church Vitality and Ben Woodward-Breckbill, associate pastor at Shalom Mennonite Church, Newton, Kansas, as they address topics related to Safe Church protection policies and navigating through a crisis. Register here: mennoniteusa.org/webinar/registration-safe-jun18 View the PowerPoint slide here: mennoniteusa.org/slide/safe-webinar-june  View the PDF here: mennoniteusa.org/pdf/safe-webinar-june

–from Creation Justice Ministries 52 Ways to Care for Creation

Happy Ocean Month!

What do you love about the ocean? This month, choose an ocean-related book to read, podcast to listen to, or documentary to watch. Check out the Creation Justice website for ocean resources.

–from Creation Justice Tips | United Methodist Church

Of the many daily financial decisions you make—from the grocery store, to where you bank, to the stock market, to the vote—a number will involve choices about how you care for creation and what you do for justice. Be vigilant in evaluating seemingly small choices. They can lead to big dividends. 

Shop for the story. Websites make it easy to know the values and practices of a company, as well as their products. Read the “About” tab. When you purchase from a business that is carbon neutral or zero waste, from one that focuses on sustainability and fair trade in their supply chain, from one that gives back to non-profit organizations that help heal the earth, you are making a difference. 

–from Simple Lifestyle Calendar by the Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest

  • May 31: Spend time with people who support your efforts to simplify.
  • June 1: Embrace the joy of going without.
  • June 2: Gardening boosts mental health & brings communities together.
  • June 3: Cycling is a healthy, green & economical transport alternative.
  • June 4: But be careful!
  • June 5: Facilitate positive environmental change.
  • June 5: One thing you can do to live a longer, healthier life–exercise.

–from 99 Ways to a Simple Lifestyle by the Center for Science in the Public Interest

#16 Save Water

  • Clean water should be conserved.
  • One third of our waste water comes from residences.
  • Start a water conservation program in the home.
  • Reduce the amount of water needed for toilet flushing to 3.5 gallons. An easy way to do this is to fill glass bottles with water and place them upright in the tank.
  • Try to compost more food instead of putting it in a garbage disposal.
  • Repair dripping faucets.
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth.
  • Operate clothes washers and dishwashers with a full load.
  • Collect rain in a barrel or cistern.

–from 50 Ways to Help the Planet – Save Our Environment and Planet Earth

Use e-Tickets

Not only do you save $9 per flight by using an e-ticket as opposed to a paper one, it also saves wasting all of that paper.

Download Software

Again, it is often cheaper to download software than it is to buy the discs. It also reduces wasted packaging materials, and it can be beneficial when the software is upgraded, and the downloaded version is automatically included in the updates.