Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, May 5

  • 9:30am NSMC Worship at Libertyville Civic Center (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)
    • Theme: Broken Signposts–Freedom
    • Communion
  • 11:00am Second Hour
  • 12:00pm Potluck

Tuesday, May 7

  • 7:00pm Creation Care meeting on “Plastics” (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)
    • See full announcement below.

Thursday, May 9

  • 7:00pm Zoom Bible Study in Proverbs (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Friday, May 10

  • Immigration hearing for Somali man in downtown Chicago. Please see full announcement below in NSMC Announcements.

Sunday, May 12

  • 9:30am CCMC Worship in Schaumburg (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Ric Hudgens’ friend in Minnesota has worked with a Somali man whose immigration hearing will be Friday, May 10 in downtown Chicago. If you are available to accompany him since he has no connections in Chicago, please let Anne know soon so that we can connect you with him.

Sign up to join Shelly and Kenton to aid MDS demo and removal work on Chicago’s west side on Friday, May 17 where homes were damaged by last year’s flooding. If interested and available, please contact George Kalopisis at cookcounty@mds.org.

Mark your calendar for the Spring Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 19 after worship. Let Anne know if you cannot attend so that another time can be set aside to keep you informed and to hear from you! The agenda will follow soon.

Join us for the next Creation Care meeting on Tuesday, May 7, 7:00pm based on the topic on “Plastics.”

Plan to bring a fact, new thought, or development concerning plastic and share it with us at the meeting. Share a piece of information that you found interesting.

We also plan to discuss the effectiveness of plastic bag bans and B Corp certification. For background reading on plastic bag bans, check out this article from Grist.org. To learn more about B Corp certification and its social and environmental impact, read this article. B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. 

Hope to see you at the meeting!

For the months of April and May, Mennonite Church USA will focus on addressing climate justice concerns, through its Learn, Pray, Join initiative, “Climate Justice: Seeking Shalom.” Learn more here: mennoniteusa.org/lpj/climate-shalom View the PowerPoint slide here: mennoniteusa.org/slide/lpj-climate View the PDF here: mennoniteusa.org/pdf/lpj-climate 

MC USA’s Climate Justice Ministry is hosting a webinar titled, “Faith, Food, Soil and Climate,” on Monday, May 13. 2024, at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Five panelists will explore how growing and sharing food can provide nourishment for mind, body and spirit, while building healthy soils, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and creating more just and resilient communities. The webinar is part of MC USA’s current Learn, Pray, Join initiative, Climate Justice: Seeking Shalom. Register here: mennoniteusa.org/webinar/registration-climate-may13View the PowerPoint slide here: mennoniteusa.org/slide/lpj-climate3 View the PDF here: mennoniteusa.org/pdf/lpj-climate3

Pastor Suzette Shreffler, White River Cheyenne Mennonite Church, Busby, Montana, and Pastor Sandy Drescher-Lehman, Wild Church gatherer, share a prayer and a blessing, respectively, crying out for better stewardship of God’s creation. These resources are part of MC USA’s Learn, Pray, Join initiative, Climate Justice: Seeking Shalom series. Read it here: mennoniteusa.org/cries-for-better-stewardship

Jenny Gehman, spiritual director and east coast representative for Mennonite Women USA, reflects on her own journey to spiritual direction and the holy hospitality she has experienced. Read her Menno Snapshots blog here: mennoniteusa.org/spiritual-holy-hospitality

–from Creation Justice Ministries 52 Ways to Care for Creation

Church of the Wild Service

Host/join a “Church of the Wild” Service at a nearby park, beach, or garden. Read Victoria Loorz’s book, “Church of the Wild” to learn about this time of gathering, wondering, and admiring God’s creation.

–from Simple Lifestyle Calendar by the Appalachia-Science in the Public Interest

  • May 3: Enjoy the company of friends.
  • May 4: Freeze a few trays of strong mint tea and use the cubes for cooling summer drinks.
  • May 5: Sing your heart out!
  • May 6: Let a book take you far, far away.
  • May 7: Encourage cooperation, compromise, and understanding.
  • May 8: Practice ‘lifestyle medicine’ – clinical application of healthy behaviors to prevent, treat, and reverse disease.
  • May 9: Live your life with a grateful heart.

–from 99 Ways to a Simple Lifestyle by the Center for Science in the Public Interest

#12 Convert to Renewable Fuel Sources . . . Organic

  • Renewable organic fuel sources: wood, plants, agricultural wastes, biological wastes.
  • If properly managed, a lot measuring 6-12 acres can provide enough wood to heat a home indefinitely.
  • Plant good firewood trees.
  • Pound for pound, hardwood has one-half the heat value of coal and one-third that of oil. Soft wood is far less.
  • Organic wastes cannot be properly utilized on a household-by-household basis. However, community programs could comply with the requirements for a simpler lifestyle.

–from 50 Ways to Help the Planet – Save Our Environment and Planet Earth

Work from Home

If possible, get an arrangement in place with your employer where you can work from home some or all of the time. This saves gasoline, which will reduce air pollution and save you money. And it also means you can work in your pyjamas with no make-up and your hair scragged back if you want to! Bonus.

Keep Your Fireplace Damper Closed

If you’re not using your fireplace at any given time, keep the damper closed. Having the damper open is like having a forty-eight inch window open all the time! Imagine the hundreds of dollars you are wasting on heating air that then gets sucked up your chimney.