Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

Rebecca KAnnouncements

Weekly Calendar

Friday-Sunday, February 2-4

  • Church Retreat at Menno Haven Camp & Retreat Center
  • 9:30am Worship from Menno Haven. Please note: the Worship Service from Menno Haven WILL have a Zoom connection. Please contact Anne for details on how to join.

Thursday, February 8

  • 7:00pm Zoom Bible Study led by Shane (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Sunday, February 11

  • 9:30am CCMC Worship in Schaumburg (contact Anne for details on how to join on Zoom)

Church Retreat Announcements from Anne (for those attending)

  • Becca will be our host this weekend.
  • Anne will get room keys from Becca after 6:00pm on Friday.
  • Gather for welcome in the Lodge (upper room) at 7:00pm.
  • Bring your travel mug for coffee on Saturday morning and throughout the weekend!
  • Meet for early dinner starting at 4:30 in Princeton if your timing permits, at The Downtown Pub and Grill, 432 S Main St, Princeton, IL 61356 (see Google map and menu)
  • Remember to bring breakfast foods for Saturday morning–Anne will bring compostable dishes and cups.
  • Bring snacks and board games to share.
  • Bring your mud boots if you plan to hike and pickleball equipment if you plan to “pickle” in the gym.
  • Bring your readiness to play, relax, enjoy one another, nature and God!

In celebration of Black History Month (February), Mennonite Church USA invites you to discover the people and events that have helped shape our denomination. Visit MC USA’s African American Mennonite History Timeline here: mennoniteusa.org/african-american-mennonite-history-timeline/ 

Karla Stoltzfus Detweiler, climate justice coordinator for Mennonite Church USA, looks at the role of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an early leader in the environmental justice movement and provides suggested actions to honor his legacy. Read more here: mennoniteusa.org/menno-snapshots/mlk/ 

–from Creation Justice Ministries 52 Ways to Care for Creation

Read Books by Black Authors

It’s Black History Month! Enjoy books written by black authors, theologians, and ecologists. Check out The Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas and Uncrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals by Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

–from Creation Justice Tips | United Methodist Church

Love God

Jesus said the first of the Greatest Commandments (Luke 10:25-28) is to love God. How? We love the Creator by loving Creation, by caring for what God has blessed us with as stewards. Look at nature, all that surrounds us, as a gift to be cherished. Give thanks and follow through with actions that show your love of God.

Love Your Neighbor

Jesus said the Second of the Greatest Commandments is to love our neighbor. He then told the story of the Good Samaritan, who cared for an injured traveler (Luke 10:25-37). Our neighbors near and far suffer from environmental injustice. Work to fix the “road”—the systems that perpetuate harm to those with few resources. Join or support organizations that love your neighbor by working for creation justice.

–from the Sierra Club

100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet

–from 50 Ways to Help the Planet – Save Our Environment and Planet Earth

Use a Clothesline

Do your clothes a favour and switch off the dryer. Hang clothes outside to dry naturally. The material will last longer, it will smell and feel fresher and of course, you are saving on that power usage!

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Have a Vegetarian Day

You don’t have to give up meat for life, but try to commit to one meat-free day a week. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef. And each hamburger that comes from animals on ex-forestry ground is responsible for the destruction of fifty-five square feet of forest.