Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, December 18 Fourth Sunday of Advent

  • 9:30am Hybrid Worship (Civic Center and Zoom; contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Shane
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Thursday, December 22

  • 7:00pm Zoom Bible Study on Advent Scriptures led by Shane (contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)

Saturday, December 24 Christmas Eve

  • 4:00pm Christmas Eve Worship and Potluck, Munleys, 329 Dunbar Rd, Mundelein
    • RSVP appreciated, but not required

Sunday, December 25 Christmas

  • No worship service

Saturday, December 31

  • Soup and Games at the CCMC Parsonage

Sunday, January 1

  • No worship service

New Worship Schedule in New Year

As NSMC and CCMC move forward with shared pastoral resources, we have a general schedule of worship services.

  • 1st and 3rd Sundays: Hybrid worship at NSMC
  • 2nd and 4th Sundays: Hybrid worship at CCMC
  • 5th Sundays: to be planned individually

Next ARCC Meeting

The next ARCC (Action/Reflection Creation Care) meeting will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Announcement from Hungry World Farm

Do you or someone you know love touching the soil? Are you longing to help restore the health of our planet? Hungry World Farm has opportunities for 3-4 farm interns to join us for this coming season. Interns will learn about regenerative agriculture–soil health, annual and perennial crop systems, intensive grazing and various farming practices through working the soil, tending animals, field trips, and books. Find details on our website: https://www.hungryworldfarm.com/opportunities#interns

Emily H, a former HWF intern says, “I learned so much about the diverse movement called regenerative agriculture. It brought me joy to contribute to the living landscape at Hungry World Farm.”

Please help us spread the word and share this announcement with someone you think could be interested!

Karla Stoltzfus Detweiler, Executive Director, Hungry World Farm, 815-303-2667

The Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) Executive Board has nominated Marty Lehman of Goshen, Indiana, as moderator-elect for the Delegate Assembly cycle beginning July 2023. Lehman is a former associate executive director for Churchwide Operations for MC USA and has a deep affiliation with and affection for the denomination. Read more about her here: mennoniteusa.org/marty-lehman-moderator-elect

Representatives of Mennonite Church USA’s Constituency Leaders Council spoke about the joys they are experiencing, the challenges they are facing and their hopes for the future at their recent meeting on Oct. 21-22, 2022, via Zoom. Read more here: mennoniteusa.org/news/clc-meets-22

MennoCon23, Mennonite Church USA’s largest faith formation gathering, will be held July 3-8, 2023, in Kansas City, Missouri. There will be programming for all ages, including a one-day Climate Summit for youth and young adults. See the tentative block schedule here: mennoniteusa.org/meenocon23-schedule

The new documentary “A Creative God: The Visual Arts in Worship” was of great interest to Katie Graber, chair of the Intercultural Worship committee for the Voices Together project. She had an opportunity to interview Jerry Holsopple, professor of visual and communication arts at Eastern Mennonite University, about his involvement with the documentary project. Read the interview here: mennoniteusa.org/interview-jerry-holsopple

Prison and theater do not seem like two words that should go well together, but John McCabe-Juhnke, professor emeritus of communication arts at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas, found a creative way to connect the two ideas. His venture, through Bethel College and Lansing (Kansas) Correctional Facility, provided him with the opportunity to develop a prison theater program. Read more about his experience here: mennoniteusa.org/inside-stories

–from Creation Justice Tips | United Methodist Church

Give Presence, Not Just Presents

Give an adventure, an experience that can be shared, talked about, and remembered long after the usual “stuff “has been covered over in the landfill. 

Ecofriendly Christmas Trees

If you are caught in the dilemma of plastic versus cut versus live and want to make the Christmas tree tradition more ecofriendly, go for an artistic one made of wood. Scroll through these possibilities. Enjoy the creativity of the artisans and the simplicity of a “tree” that is natural, easy care, and long-lasting.

MCC Thrifty 50 Challenge

Do you want to help our planet but aren’t sure where to start? MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Thrift is celebrating their 50th anniversary by issuing 50 challenges to help us be more equipped to care for our planet. We’ll include one challenge each week for the next 50 weeks.

Week 28 | Entertaining sustainability

Kitchen Tip of the Week

Reuse dishes throughout the day. Filling up a large reusable water bottle or glass with water at the start of the day will not only keep you hydrated (and glowing), but will prevent you from using multiple glasses or drinking small amounts of water only to spill out the rest throughout the day. Similarly, you can use the same plate or bowl for other meals that day. If you have a piece of toast for breakfast, that plate can be reused for lunch to eat your salad, sandwich or leftovers.