Looking and Planning Ahead

Rebecca KAnnouncements

Advanced Planning Team Changes

In anticipation of a shared pastoral team with NSMC and CCMC, the participation on the Advance Planning Team has changed. 

The APT has been a foundational part of the worship organization and practice these last 18 months. A heartfelt thanks to Janelle who facilitated music planning, particularly for Zoom worship, as well as for hybrid gatherings, and to Kate who brought consistent organizational and advance planning tools and guided our meetings together! While Janelle and Kate have stepped back from APT at present, they will continue to contribute to worship in music and in leading. Thank you Kate and Janelle! Our APT now consists of Shane, Anne and Linda. If you would like to be a part of this for a year, contact Anne!

As we prepare to welcome Suzanne to a shared pastoral team with NSMC and CCMC we envision a Pastoral Interface Team with a representative or two from both congregations to help to support the pastoral team and connect us with each congregation’s needs and events. We envision this team meeting quarterly. As outlined in the proposal approved by each congregation, the pastors for each congregation will continue to report to their respective boards. If you are interested in serving on the Pastoral Interface Team, please let Anne or the NSMC Board know!

Please know that we will be figuring out the dynamics of our team together while we serve two different congregations. We need and welcome your suggestions as we lean on the Spirit’s leading in this new direction! Please do not hesitate to bring any questions, concerns and ideas to us! –Anne and Shane

Time and Talents

Before the new church year begins with the first Sunday of Advent, November 27, Anne asks you to give some thought to what is stirring in you for your participation and service in our church community.

Are you finding your felt needs met in our worship and education time? What blesses you? What do you long for? What might you want to see change? What might we consider? Small groups? Once-a-month gatherings on Sunday evenings? Book study groups? Other? 

Not hearing from you will tell Anne that all is well for you at the moment. If you do find something is stirring, please take a moment to email or text her.