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Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, October 23

  • 9:30am Hybrid Worship (Civic Center and Zoom; contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Suzanne (via Zoom)
    • Scripture: Luke 18:9-14
    • Worship Leader: Kate
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Thursday, October 27

  • 7:00pm Bible Study led by Shane: Overview of the Bible (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Sunday, October 30

  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Shane
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Eastern Mennonite Seminary, Harrisonburg, Virginia, began offering a new graduate certificate program in faith-based peacebuilding this fall and has partnered with the African American Mennonite Association to provide scholarships for Black ministry leaders in the program. The deadline for the spring 2023 semester is Dec. 30. Read more about the program and the scholarship here: mennoniteusa.org/news/aama-and-ems

School is back in session! Dr. Michael Badriaki, the superintendent of Lancaster (Pennsylvania) Mennonite School, reflects on the value of an Anabaptist education and our role, as a Christian community, in bringing our children up in the Anabaptist faith. Read his blog, “Back to school: Q&A with Dr. Michael Badriaki” here: mennoniteusa.org/back-to-school-qa

Save the date! Hope for the Future, an annual gathering of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) leaders from across Mennonite Church USA, will be held February 3-5, 2023. Location to be announced. For the latest updates, visit: mennoniteusa.org/hopeforethefuture

Next weekend, the Constituency Leaders Council of Mennonite Church USA will be meeting online. Pray for effective churchwide decision making, as the leaders fulfill their roles as denominational elders.

–from Creation Justice Tips | United Methodist Church

We are Called to Work for Climate Justice

Jesus has told us that we are to care for the “least of these who are members of [Christ’s] family” (Matthew 25:40). Working to ameliorate climate change recognizes that people like Jesus described, those with few resources or connections, will suffer the most from the ravages that are more and more evident. Jesus calls us to care for humanity and to work for climate justice.

Power Flowers

October, before the first frost, is good for planting perennials. Perennials are good for pollinators, for withstanding drought, and for saving money. Plant some power flowers for the environment. (Editor’s Note: The announcement is a little late for us, but good to remember for the future.)

MCC Thrifty 50 Challenge

Do you want to help our planet but aren’t sure where to start? MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Thrift is celebrating their 50th anniversary by issuing 50 challenges to help us be more equipped to care for our planet. We’ll include one challenge each week for the next 50 weeks.

Week 19 | You deserve a break today

Kitchen Tip of the Week

Use newspapers or magazine pages as cabinet liners and more. This may not be an obvious “kitchen essential” to reuse, but it is very handy. We can reuse newspapers and magazine pages to line cabinet shelves ― especially those where you keep your cooking oils or dried goods. 

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

God shows no favoritism, but our sign person does. Go Packers! (They need all the help they can get.)