Turning Rt. 53 Corridor into a State Park

Rebecca K Announcements

The Action Reflection Creation Care group (ARCC) encourages you to sign a petition to turn the former Rt. 53 extension corridor into a state park.

The Illinois Tollway decided they weren’t going to build the extension in 2019, so a task force was formed to figure out what to do with the land that the state purchased. All the environmental groups plus a number of the communities the extension would go through are recommending that the land be handed over to the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources and turned into a state park. This would permanently protect the fragile and valuable wetlands, protect wildlife and biodiversity, help with flood mitigation and provide recreational activities.

We are trying to get as many people as possible to sign the petition for the governor to transfer the land. Anyone can sign since a state park would attract people from all over, but signatures from Illinois will be counted more heavily. The petition can be signed here:


For more information about the Green Corridor Coalition and the effort to turn Rt. 53 into a state park, visit greencorridorcoalition.org.

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