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Weekly Calendar

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Weekly Calendar

Sunday, August 7

  • 9:30am Hybrid Worship (Civic Center and Zoom; contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Mitch
    • Message: Zwingli and his contribution to Anabaptism
    • Worship Leader: Kate
    • Communion
    • Potluck following the worship service

Thursday, August 11

  • 7:00pm Bible Study on Revelation led by Shane (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Sunday, August 14

  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Anne
    • Pastoral Search Team Update and congregational conversation

As part of the August 14 Zoom worship service, the Pastoral Search Team will provide an update followed by a congregational conversation. Please plan to stay for this important discussion.

There is only one more hybrid worship service planned for this summer and that will be on August 21. Fall plans have yet to be announced.

Is your church engaged in work that combats poverty, dismantles racism, addresses immigration reform or reimagines policing? If so, Mennonite Church USA would like to invite you to apply for a Justice Fund grant to support this work! Read more about who qualifies and how to apply here: mennoniteusa.org/news/jf-applicants

The Delegate Assembly is over, and decisions have been made. What has changed? What does it mean for my conference, my congregation and me? Mennonite Church USA Executive Board and staff members answer these questions and more in the “Special Session of the Delegate Assembly: What Now?” webinar. Watch the recording here: mennoniteusa.org/webinar-whatnow

Clayton Gladish, pastor of Silverwood Mennonite Church, writes about how the passage of “A Resolution for Repentance and Transformation” can be an opportunity for us to widen the circle. Read his blog here: mennoniteusa.org/widening-circle

Nature has a way of refreshing the soul, and Cheryl Mast has noticed this firsthand with students who have participated in the outdoor education program at Amigo Centre, a Mennonite Camp in Michigan. Read her blog, “The power of nature,” to learn more about how Mast has experienced students coming out of their shells while unplugging at camp. mennoniteusa.org/power-nature

–from Creation Justice Tips | United Methodist Church

“We are people who…”

  • Preserve: When you find something amazingly wonderful, take care to keep it that way! What you do for creation care is your legacy.
  • Conserve: When you realize something wonderful is being chipped away, take action to stop the damage. Visit the Nature Conservancy website.
  • Restore: When you see major damage to God’s creation, do everything you can to fix it. For example, find ways to plant trees either on your own land or worldwide.

–from 10 Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Carbon Footprint | Washington Post

Create Less Food Waste

The carbon footprint of U.S. food waste is greater than that of the airline industry. More greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture than from several forms of transportation combined. The environmental consequences of producing food that no one eats are massive.

The biggest proportion of food waste — about 37 percent, according to the nonprofit ReFED — happens in the home.

Keep a list of what food you have on hand and organize the refrigerator so you can keep track of what’s inside. Some people find it helpful to label things with the date they were purchased or cooked. Others have a system in which the oldest items go on the top shelf, so they will reach for those items first.

Want to effect change on a larger scale? You can also write to local officials and vote for laws that support food recovery and prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

MCC Thrifty 50 Challenge

Do you want to help our planet but aren’t sure where to start? MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Thrift is celebrating their 50th anniversary by issuing 50 challenges to help us be more equipped to care for our planet. We’ll include one challenge each week for the next 50 weeks.

Week 9 | Donate “those clothes”

Kitchen Tip of the Week

Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products. Look for sponges made from recycled materials and dish soaps and detergents that are biodegradable and free of phosphates and other harmful materials that can threaten marine life. Buy bulk products with less packaging, and consider purchasing biodegradable trash bags the next time you run out.

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

Jesus is God’s selfie.