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Rebecca K Announcements

Friday, April 1

  • 7:00pm Zoom NSMC Congregational Meeting for name change discussion (please see NSMC Announcements below; contact Anne for details on how to join the Zoom meeting)

Sunday, April 3

  • 9:15am Informal Fellowship Time
  • 9:30am In-Person/Hybrid Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Kate
    • Theme: Scarcity to Abundance
    • Communion and Potluck
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Tuesday, April 5

  • 7:00pm ARCC (Action/Reflection Creation Caring) meeting
    • We will discuss our individual goals  to reduce our carbon footprint and offer support and encouragement to carry on. We will also review Green Tips provided by different members of the group. Please join our discussion. Anne will send out the zoom link in advance of the meeting. 

Thursday, April 7

  • 7:00pm Bible Study led by Shane (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Sunday, April 10 Palm Sunday

  • 9:15am Informal Fellowship Time
  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join Zoom)
    • Speaker: Suzanne
    • Theme: Power Over to Power With
  • 10:30am Sermon Discussion

Name Change Discussion

Please plan to join us for an important NSMC congregational meeting tonight, Friday, April 1, 7:00pm. NSMC recently received a letter from Mennonite Church USA asking us to change our church name. With so many MCUSA churches having a place name in the name of their church, e.g., First Mennonite Church of Champaign-Urbana, there is confusion in the general public about what Mennonite churches are about. MCUSA is requiring churches to re-examine their names and make them more reflective of the church as a whole. The Executive Board of MCUSA determined that “North Suburban” does not meet this new requirement and they want us to discuss and move toward a more mission-focused name. Because CCMC’s full name—Christ Community Mennonite Church—is more descriptive, they are exempt from this name change. MCUSA would like us to submit a new name in time for the May 27-30 MCUSA Special Session.

Let’s start with a brainstorming session tonight. Anne will send out details for the Zoom meeting. Thank you for your participation.

Join us Saturday, April 23 from 8-4 for Menno Haven’s Spring Work Day! Come volunteer, meet others that love camp and enjoy a meal. For more information, talk to Janelle or Anne or go to mennohaven.com/work-day where you can also sign up to attend. We’d love to see you here!

Find your people at Menno Haven’s Women’s Retreat May 13-14. Come by yourself, bring a friend or a whole group of friends and get away from everyday life for an overnight retreat alongside other women who want to find connection with the Word and with other women. Check out mennohaven.com/womensretreat for more information.

May 27-30, 2022: MCUSA Special Session of the Delegate Assembly (page of resources and resolutions). Registration is now open.

Mennonite Education Agency of Mennonite Church USA has released its free Lent at Home 2022 worship guide and calendar for download. The annual guide provides options for individuals and households to follow daily or weekly rituals, which include guided Scripture readings, prayers and special activities for the Lenten season. Download it here: mennoniteusa.org/lentathome

Are you attending the Special Session of the Delegate Assembly on May 27-30 in Kansas City? Then, you won’t want to miss the “Expectations of the Special Session of the Delegate Assembly” webinar! Executive board and staff members will review the agenda and the voting process, provide tips for engagement, offer suggestions on what to bring, and highlight opportunities for worship and fellowship. Se ofrecerá servicio de intérprete al español. Register here: mennoniteusa.org/register-expectations

Mennonite Men, a constituency group of Mennonite Church USA, invites all men to join them for a week-long Oregon Eco-excursion on June 11-19. Explore wild spaces, learn about God’s creation and help with newly planted trees along the Zena Forest. For more information and to register (by April 11), visit: mennoniteusa.org/men-eco-excursion

“Whaat? It’s still Lent?” Read about author Talashia Keim Yoder’s at-home Lenten experience and her family’s joys and sorrows along the way. “Our family loved the Advent ritual of candle lighting,” wrote the author of this year’s Lent at Home guide, “and we naively assumed Lent would be just as beloved. Wrong. It felt like a long, long slog.” Read more here: mennoniteusa.org/seeking-jesus-lent 

Mary Lou Weaver Houser, artist and spiritual director, claims gardening as a metaphor for how she intends to nurture community on many levels, whether with personal/family relationships, neighborhood diversity/spirit, creative community at church, or biodiversity in our natural world. Read more about her “elemental love nature’s beauty” in her blog, “Ferocious Love.” mennoniteusa.org/ferocious-love 

“I often tell people that my two primary identities are being Black and being Mennonite. Both identities have formed me into the person that I am today, and, although it may not be obvious to many, the two intersect in so many ways,” writes Daniel Grimes in his blog, “Black history and the connection to Anabaptist faith values.” Continue his story here: mennoniteusa.org/black-history-connection-anabaptist 

Reusable Bowl Covers

You can avoid using single-use plastic wrap like Saran Wrap. There are washable cloth elastic bowl covers available from a number of sustainable sources such as this one. (Thanks for the tip, Janelle!)

Practice the Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Remember

Refuse fast fashion allure and consumerism pressures. Reduce the amount of clothing you buy. Reuse your garments for many years. Repair minor problems like a missing button or a loose hem. Recycle textiles responsibly. Remember the “lilies of the field” and Jesus’ assurance in Matthew 6:28-33.

Go Thrifty and Save the Earth

When you purchase from a thrift or second-hand store, your choice uses fewer resources, generates fewer emissions and less waste, gives other people work, extends the life of the clothing, and keeps textiles out of the landfill. Try Thred Up, an online source, or one of the 4,245 Goodwill stores. Some churches also offer “nearly new” clothing at low or no cost. 

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

From Proverbs 17:22: A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Happy Cheerful Heart Day, also known as April Fool’s Day!