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Sunday, January 9

  • 9:15am Informal Fellowship Time
  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join)
    • Speaker: Mitch
    • Message topic: Anabaptist Aspirations
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Thursday, January 13

  • 7:00pm Bible Study (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Sunday, January 16

  • 9:15am Informal Fellowship Time
  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join)
    • Speaker: Suzanne Ford
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

We are trying out an informal fellowship time 15 minutes before worship begins. Log in a few minutes early for a chance to catch up with other people.


The Interview Project is underway and will be ongoing as time permits. The goal of the interview project is to encourage sharing with one another about our experiences as Anabaptist followers of Jesus within our community. We encourage everyone to participate.

Here are the guidelines:

Questions for Video Interviews

  1. What drew you—or continues to draw you—to the NSMC/Mennonite church? 
  2. What do you value about following Jesus as a Mennonite? 
  3. How is NSMC different from other experiences you’ve had? 
  4. What is your hope for NSMC/Mennonites going forward? 

For the Video Interview Session

  1. Please do not wear white, highly patterned, or anything made of black velvet. 
  2. You will need to wear a small mic that Chuck will provide. 
  3. Anne will “interview” you; Chuck will ‘film’. 

Intended uses of footage

  1. Short 2-minute video for worship use during Anabaptist message Sundays. 
  2. Possible use in a longer piece organized around the above questions. 
  3. Other? 

Please know that you will have final review of any completed edits and that any possible use beyond our shared worship times will be dependent on your permission.

Contact Anne with any other questions and to indicate your willingness to be interviewed. Thank you for your participation!


Because of covid restrictions, worship plans are being updated frequently. Here’s what is planned at this time:

  • Jan. 16: Zoom service with Suzanne Ford as speaker.
  • Jan. 23: Format TBD. Doug Kaufman joins us again to share creation aspirations that are also Anabaptist aspirations. 
  • Jan. 28-30 Retreat: Format TBD. Creation Care continued with Doug Kaufman.

Register for the Pastors & Leaders | Deep Faith 2022 conference before Jan. 15 to receive the early registration discount. This joint conference of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) and Mennonite Church USA Faith Formation will be held Feb. 21-24, 2022, with the option to attend virtually or in person on the AMBS campus in Elkhart, Indiana. Learn more here: ambs.edu/pastorsandleaders.

This fall, the Mennonite Church USA Executive Board received two Schowalter Foundation charitable funding distributions, one to help fund denominational-level internships and one to fund an account to use for pastoral misconduct/abuse investigations. Read more here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/news/schowalter-foundation/.

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Working for Justice

You may not think of Martin Luther King, Jr. in relationship to the environment, but corporate and governmental practices that despoil the land or water affect people of color to a far greater degree than richer and whiter communities. King stood against racism, including environmental racism. Caring for creation also means working for justice. Honor his legacy with action on behalf of people of color and indigenous tribes.

Minimize Food Waste

According to Project Drawdown, the #3 effective solution for dealing with the climate crisis is to minimize food waste. Some food-waste issues are systemic, but many come down to things individuals and families can do. Plan meals, buy local, buy less, buy in-season, buy organic, store appropriately, use the freezer, reduce the intake of beef and other meat, grow veggies, eat leftovers, make soup and smoothies, compost peelings and ends, share with others. Eat happily, knowing you are helping us all.

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

Whoever is praying for snow, please stop.