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Sunday, December 19 Fourth Sunday of Advent

  • 9:30am Zoom worship (contact Anne for details on how to join)
    • Speaker: Anne
    • Message topic: Love
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

Thursday, December 23

  • 7:00pm Bible Study

Friday, December 24

  • 7:00pm Zoom Christmas Eve in Scripture and Song (same Zoom link as for worship)
    • Speaker: Anne

Sunday, December 26

  • 9:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join)
    • Speaker: Anne
    • Message topic: Luke’s Gospel: Jesus is Born
  • 10:30am Sermon discussion

“The angel said to them, ‘You have nothing to fear! I come to proclaim good news to you – news of a great joy to be shared by the whole people.” (Luke 2:10) Mennonite Church USA Executive Board and staff hope that you and yours are blessed by the good news and transforming power of Christ this Christmas.

Mennonite Church USA awarded three Thrive Church Planting Grants this year, to Community of Hope in Bellingham, Washington, Summit Street Church in Beatrice, Nebraska, and Wild Church in Fresno, California. Read about the grant and these church plants here: mennoniteusa.org/thrive-three-awards.

In October, Mennonite Church USA Women in Leadership hosted a two-part seminar, titled “Women Write,” in which panelists answered questions about Christian publishing and discussed how women authors of color are changing the publishing landscape. Watch recordings of these webinars at: mennoniteusa.org/women-write

As Edith Yoder of Bridge of Hope National can attest, community can make a great difference in a person’s life. In her blog, “Anabaptist theology — and what compels me to create belonging for families facing homelessness,” Yoder reflects on how her own experience could have been very different had she not had a good support system. Read her call to action here: mennoniteusa.org/belonging-homelessness.

Have you ever wondered what a spiritual director does to prepare for a spiritual direction session? Read Ruben Chupp’s poem, “Gathering silence (to meet with Charles),” to gain some insight into what his process looks like. mennoniteusa.org/gathering-silence

Stuff That Stocking Sustainably

Add a shampoo bar, a silicone reusable stretch lid or a beeswax wrap for leftovers, a bracelet made of plastic recovered from an ocean, a bamboo toothbrush, a pen that’s not made of plastic, metal straws, a set of cloth napkins and napkin rings, or a packet of seeds for native plants or wildflowers, for example. Little gifts like these come with big benefits for the Earth and an opportunity to introduce someone else to creation care. EarthHero is a great source for sustainable products from many different companies. 

Adopt an Animal

Consider giving your children or grandchildren one of God’s creations to love. Visit the World Wildlife Fund gift center. WWF offers adoption options for more than 100 amazing creatures. Some adoptions include a cute plush animal. Alternatively, you can purchase the stuffed toy from another source. Either way, give the gift and talk with your young person about loving all of God’s creatures. 

Give Digital Christmas Cards

This holiday, connect with family and friends electronically. Eliminate travel emissions, and opt for Zoom visits or Facetime. Save trees and manufacturing water-waste with digital cards. Explore Jacquie Lawson’s collection. 

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

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