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On Sunday, October 17, Nathan Aaberg will be talking more about creation, food and farming. He has arranged for a farming family to join our discussion time. In preparation for our time together, please watch the following two videos.

Former White House Chef on Food Production and Climate Change

Video from NowThis Earth. Running time: 5:26

‘We will not be able to produce enough food for the people on this planet’ — Obama’s former White House assistant chef Sam Kass explains why we urgently need to fix our food production systems.

Soil Carbon Cowboys

Video from Carbon Cowboys. Running time: 11:57

Gabe Brown, Allen Williams and Neil Dennis were all going out of business with their conventional grazing – then nature forced their hand to try grazing without chemicals because they couldn’t afford them anymore.  They are now the pioneers in regenerative grazing – replacing the specter of bankruptcy with resiliency.  These ranchers regenerate their soils which makes their animals healthier and their operations more profitable.  Robust soils enable rainwater to sink into the earth rather than run off; and retain that water, so the ranches are much more resilient in drought.

This system is also what we will hear more about during the discussion time when Jen and Bryce Riemer talk with us about their farm in Wisconsin.

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