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Rebecca KAnnouncements

As we emerge from the pandemic, NSMC will have one in-person/hybrid worship service per month on the second Sunday of the month. Our next in-person service will be Sunday, August 8 followed by a special in-person service on Sunday, August 29 for Ric’s retirement party.

Sunday, August 1

  • 10:00am Zoom Fellowship
  • 10:30am Zoom Worship (contact Anne for details on how to join)
  • 7:00pm NSMC Zoom Music Hour hosted by Jim (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Tuesday, August 3

  • 7:00pm Zoom Informal Gathering (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Wednesday, August 4

  • 7:00pm Zoom Bible Study led by Ric (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Friday, August 6

  • 4:00pm Possible Zoom Women’s Coffee hosted by Patty (contact Patty to find out if there is one and for details on how to join)

Sunday, August 8

  • 10:00am In-Person Fellowship time at the Civic Center
  • 10:30am Hybrid Worship at Civic Center and Zoom (contact Anne for details on how to join)
  • 7:00pm NSMC Zoom Music Hour hosted by Jim (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Mark your calendar for a special occasion, Ric’s retirement party on Sunday, August 29. It will be our second in-person gathering during August. The worship service will be followed by a potluck and a special afternoon. More details to follow!

You are invited to participate in the Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) churchwide Journey Forward study through Springtide Research Institute. The survey results will be used to help inform the direction of MC USA, as we Journey Forward together. It is important that the denomination hears from a variety of voices, so please take part in the survey today: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/MC-USA-Member-Survey

Mennonite Church USA (MC USA) held its first online Delegates Assembly on July 10. During the assembly, delegates voted on changes to the MC USA bylaws, confirmed nominees for churchwide boards and heard reports from the Resolutions Committee and racial ethnic and constituency groups. Read more here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/news/virtual-delegate-assembly.

Good news! It’s not too late to purchase your virtual content pass for MennoCon21! The cost of the pass has been reduced to $25. Access to the MennoCon21 virtual convention will continue to be available through August 10. Sign up here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/mennocon21_virtual_access.

Joy Cotchen has been volunteering at conference in some capacity since 2000. In her blog, “The Joy of volunteering,” she shares what she finds most enjoyable about the volunteer experience. Read more here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/joy-of-volunteering.

Calculate Your Water Footprint

Find out what your water footprint is and how you can reduce your impact. This calculator will show you how your lifestyle impacts the rest of the world and how you can make a positive difference. Share with us ways you plan to reduce your footprint!

Environmental Justice for All Act

Not by choice, 68% of Black Americans live within 30 miles of a coal-fired power plant. As a frontline community, they suffer greater ill health and shorter life expectancy as well as lesser property values and fewer economic resources because of the predatory practices of the fossil fuel industry. Write or call your legislators to speak up for the Environmental Justice for All Act and for a future of renewable and non-polluting energy sources.

Reuse Before Recycle

It’s an outdoor party—lots of people, including kids, having a good time. Go ahead and use plastic cups. But put out a bin, labeled Cups Only. Afterward, wash the cups. With children, you don’t have to worry about a possible broken glass. Just recycle any damaged cups, if possible. But think Reuse before Recycle.

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

If your life stinks, we have a pew for you.