Climate Ride Town Hall in Goshen

Rebecca KAnnouncements

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions is sponsoring a Climate Ride this summer. A group of bicyclists dedicated to raising visibility on climate issues, learning about the impacts of climate change on diverse communities, and connecting concerned people across the country with the climate efforts of CSCS and other organizations, will travel across the U.S over a two-month period. Bicycling is especially appropriate for illustrating how humans can live in harmony with the earth.  As a low-carbon activity that represents a major solution to lowering carbon emissions, focusing on biking thus demonstrates how words can be transformed into actions. To learn more about some of the riders in the group, watch this short YouTube video.

On Wednesday, July 14, the group will be in Goshen, IN for a 6:00pm EST town hall meeting and panel discussion on “The Church in Response to Climate Change: How Does the Mennonite Church Respond?” (Read the flyer for the event.) The town hall will be at Fidler Pond Park, Chiddister Pavillion, and attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair, but some seating will be available. To view the town hall as a Zoom/livestream, please register for the link.  

On Thursday, July 15, the riders will travel to Merry Lea and others are encouraged to ride along. Please check their website for current information.