Weekly Calendar

Rebecca K Announcements

Because of the COVID-19 virus, NSMC will not meet at the Civic Center for worship until further notice.

Sunday, May 16

  • 10:00am Zoom gathering time
  • 10:30am Worship via Zoom (contact Anne for details on how to join the Zoom worship)
  • 7:00pm NSMC Music Hour hosted by Jim (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Tuesday, May 18

  • 7:00pm Zoom Informal Gathering (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Wednesday, May 19

  • 7:00pm Bible Study led by Ric (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Friday, May 21

  • 4:00pm Women’s Coffee hosted by Patty (contact Patty for details on how to join)

Sunday,May 23

  • 10:00am Zoom gathering time
  • 10:30am Worship via Zoom (contact Anne for details on how to join the Zoom worship)
  • 7:00pm NSMC Music Hour hosted by Jim (contact Anne for details on how to join)

Have you been wondering whose faces you will see on stage at MennoCon21, Mennonite Church USA’s biennial convention on July 6-10? Read about who the worship speakers are and what topics they will be covering at this first hybrid (in-person and online) convention:  https://www.mennoniteusa.org/news/mennocon21-worship/.

For a variety of reasons, regularly attending Sunday morning church services is just not feasible for many people. Beryl Jantzi, in his blog, “Revisioning Church: Sabbath Diaspora and Christian Synagogues,” addresses this issue by offering several ways that churches can accommodate a non-traditional Sabbath. https://www.mennoniteusa.org/diaspora-synagogues

Jonathan Brenneman reflects on how the militarized state of Israel causes children to suffer and how our taxpayer dollars aid in causing that suffering. Read his blog, “Investing in Justice Rather Than Militarism at Home and Abroad,” here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/justice-over-militarism

In response to increased violence and hate crimes against Asian American Pacific Islander people, the Mennonite Church USA Women in Leadership Steering Committee made a statement urging the church to work together to call out anti-Asian rhetoric and abuse. Read more here: https://www.mennoniteusa.org/menno-snapshots/aapi-statement/.

Observe Endangered Species Day May 21, 2021

​Did you know one in five species is threatened or endangered? There are many things everyday people can do to save God’s creation from extinction. Check out www.creationjustice.org/endangered to find materials to raise awareness in your faith community.

Recycle Outdated Technology

Are you surrounded by outdated technology items? Don’t send them to a landfill! You can recycle CDs, DVDs, video and audio tapes, hard drives, zip and floppy discs, pagers, digital cameras, slides, Super 8s, 35 mm film, mice, modems, headphones, and such through GreenDisk’s Technotrash Pack-IT Service. Their pricing works for individuals (about $15) and for businesses ($60 and up). Check out greendisk.com.

Landfills as a Justice Issue

Would you want a landfill close to your home? What! And put up with the smell, the toxic greenhouse gases, the trucks rolling by, the stigma? No way! you say. No one wants that!  Fraught with environmental problems, landfills are also a justice issue. Repeatedly, the sites are located near people in poverty and people of color, despite their protests. It’s time to stop that practice. Do everything you can to avoid filling God’s earth with trash and speak up against the injustice some of God’s people get stuck with.

A little bit of humor from actual church signs, courtesy of Jim

Services cancelled. God making house calls.