Lenten Calendar from Creation Justice Ministries

Rebecca K Announcements

In Lent, we reflect on Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrection. We slow down, and examine our internal spiritual lives as well as the way we live out our Christian faith in the world. Our faith teaches us that humans were put on this earth with the responsibility to be stewards. We also know our individual as well as collective U.S. lifestyles have led to serious harm to God’s good creation. This Lenten reflection and action guide will help individuals take time to learn, reflect, repent, ask God for forgiveness, and take concrete steps to change course.

This tool will guide you to deepen your Eco-spirituality throughout this holy time. Visualize yourself smiling and feeling fulfilled on Easter Sunday because you made commitments to strengthen and schedule your daily spiritual practices during Lent.  Prayerfully reading this Daily Reflection – Action Calendar is a powerful tool to do Creation Justice and connect more fully with our God.