MCC School Kits in 2020

Rebecca K Announcements

North Suburban Mennonite Church has participated in assembling and sending Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) school kit bags and relief kits for many years. July-August has traditionally been the time to complete the school kit projects, since that was the time for school supply sales.

This year is different: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are no special school supply sales. But different large stores do have good prices on bulk purchases.

We have 150 bags to fill for children around the world who will value and use them no matter whether their schools operate as usual. At the worship service Sunday July 12, Linda proposed to get the best prices, buy the supplies, and store them at her house until we can assemble them. Those present agreed and offered to help defray the cost by sending Linda a check according to their means.

The total cost will be $800 – $900 for the materials listed at the MCC web site. Linda will provide the accurate amount as soon as she has that. She will also provide her address for sending contributions. She has indoor and outdoor space for assembling the kits whenever we decide to do that.