Actions Proposed by First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville

Anne Munley Announcements


One of the deep joys of participating in the Vigil of Love and Lament that the Libertyville Ministerial Association led, was the sense of unity in Christ that we found in working together for a common and compelling purpose that demands justice. For me, it made the denominational lines seem almost frivolous! So, in that spirit, I am sharing the statement and action plans that First Presbyterian Church has created. More information and sign-up is available on their church website by clicking on “Statement and Action Steps.”

The pastoral staff has also proposed some learning and discussion together this summer, described here.

For Adults—Films on Racism: Where am I in this Story? Where is God? This summer we’re offering three films to watch from home followed by group discussions. These discussion groups will not be for the purpose of sharing already formed opinions and/or persuading others to agree. These will be times of healthy curiosity and reflection and questions – sharing confusion, frustration, challenges, new learnings. We will ask, “Where is God in all of this?” and “What do we imagine Jesus would think/feel/do after seeing this movie?” The series will be facilitated by Rev. Melanie Hammond-Clark. The first film will be Just Mercy.

I encourage us to share our ideas with one another as well. Some of us are reading recommended books. Others are spending dedicated time in prayer and in listening for next steps. A friend of mine in Chicago has found her niche in conversations with friends and connections that gently challenge simplistic assumptions or conclusions because that is what she can do now. (She works full time and is caring for her ailing spouse.) Let’s keep our conversations and actions going! Meg is compiling a list of resources that have been offered in our church community. Thank you, Meg!