Menno Haven Virtual 5K and Haven at Home

Rebecca K Announcements


Consider a run/walk with a few (masked and distanced) others in support of Camp Menno Haven programs anytime between June 21 and July 17. Check out the Menno Haven Virtual 5K page for details and registration.


Program Director Ashley Litwiller invites all of us pick a place, time, and people to run with as a way to raise money. In addition, there is a challenge to include Flat Doc as a part of your run. What’s Flat Doc? Check out the website to find out.

Each registrant will receive a Swag Bag in the mail. Register by June 4th to guarantee your bag has the 2020 Virtual 5K shirt in your preferred size and to allow time to receive it before the event starts. There is a totally new t-shirt design this year! When the design is finalized, it will be posted on the Virtual 5K page.


Proceeds from the Virtual 5K will help fund the Haven at Home Box. The Haven At Home Box is full of goodies to lead a child through five days of Bible study and activities similar to what would have been done at camp this summer. There are two versions to choose from: Child (aimed for Grades 3-5) and Teen (aimed for Grades 6-12) with activities and souvenirs tailored to each age group. Contents for the box include:

  • Login access for the webpage devoted to the Haven At Home devotional videos taught by Ashley on campus and offsite spots, instructional videos, camp worship songs and more.
  • Devotional Handouts for each day
  • 2020 Summer Camp T-shirt
  • Wooden House Craft
  • Activities for each day connected with the theme
  • Bible Memory Verse Card
  • Timeline of the Book of Daniel
  • Campfire Snack Kit
  • Menno Haven Hand Sanitizer – 1oz
  • Beyond Camp Devotional Book
  • Instructions / Daily Schedules
  • Menno Haven Swag
  • …and more!

Is this another box of activities that I’ll need to lead my kids through?   Depending on the maturity age of your child, you may need to help them find the webpage, gather the supplies from the box and help them set up for the day. After that your camper should be able to go through the activities on their own using the instructional ideos provided. That said, you are always welcome to join your camper in the studies and activites as a family.

How much does all this cost? This is up to you! On the Menno Haven website, each Haven At Home box is available for no charge! Yup, you read that right! If you are able to donate towards part or all of a box or even donate a box for a friend, click here or click the “Haven At Home Donation” option to add to your cart as well.

When can I order this? Menno Haven is accepting orders starting today through June 2nd.

How do I order this?

Use this link: or go to the Menno Haven website and go to the Trading Post page and select the “Haven At Home Box”. Add the box to your cart, checkout with Square or PayPal, and you’re all set!

When will the box arrive? They will be mailing out the boxes mid-to-late June.