Lent 2020: Show Us

Rebecca K Announcements

Starting with Ash Wednesday on February 26, Lent is a time to slow down and breathe in the life of Jesus. It is a long and difficult journey to the cross, but if we pay careful attention Jesus shows us who he is. In the Scriptures this year for Lent, the theme of “Show us” arises. At different points in the story, Jesus invites us into a deeper understanding or relationship with him. Our hearts and minds must remain open and we say to Jesus, “Show us.” We desire for Jesus to show us who he is and who we are. Whether it’s a way forward through the desert, a way to overcome temptation, the extent of God’s love, or the power to overcome death, Jesus wants to show us. 

Please note: NSMC will not be having an Ash Wednesday service on February 26.

There are several recommended resources for daily Lent readings.