Moving Ahead on the Great Winter Warm-up Comforter Project

Linda WAnnouncements

Dear NSMC friends,
I’m ready to organize the making of comforters for MCC’s Great Winter Warm-up. The MCC website says they would like to have all the quilts by January 18. That’s a short deadline to meet, but let us try. If we don’t make it, I expect our quilts will be distributed closer to home where winter will still last quite a while.

We will try for 3 60X80″ quilts, with 88  8 1/2″ squares for each. The backs will be a single piece of fabric for each. 

“We” includes all who can take part; this is not gender specific and you don’t have to be there for all of the work. To understand what is involved you can watch these MCC videos:

I have bought, washed and pressed 7 different fabrics for the squares. We could possibly use still more. The fabric should ideally be 50% cotton 50% polyester (or just cotton), new or near-new, and brightly colorful (not plain colors). For the backs we need 3 pieces 64×84″, also cotton-polyester, and darker in color, but not plain. We also need 3 pieces of batting, 60×80″. I hope someone will either procure those or go with me to do that.

In addition we need the following (not necessarily all in one place):

  • rotary cutter – 1, 2 or 3
  • masking tape – 3 rolls – I have 1 
  • marking pens – 3 – I have 1
  • fabric measuring tape – 3 – I have 1
  • seam ripper – 1 – I have (also have razor blades)
  • head pins – a bunch – I have some
  • fabric scissors – 2-3 – I have 1
  • neutral (white or beige) good quality thread
  • quilting ruler – 3
  • iron, ironing board – 3 – I have 1 set
  • sewing machine – 3 – I have 1
  • clips – (big, for holding cut squares together)
  • safety pins – about 100, about 1” size
  • #10 weight crochet cotton, beige or white
  • large sewing needles – 1 packet

I will check on Sunday whether we can have a first meeting this coming week (Tue. or Thur. eve?), with whoever can attend. If so, we can divide some of the work to do individually at home, then meet again the first week of January.

Let’s do it and have fun at it!