The Great Winter Warm-up

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From Linda–

Dear NSMC Friends,

If you google “The Great Winter Warm-up”, you will be inspired! I was, first by Dale’s stories about MCC’s work and then by going online. MCC is looking to collect 6500 comforters! Clearly, the need is great around the world, and the home-made blankets tell the recipients that others care enough about them to put personal and community effort into sharing their wealth.

In case you (like me) want to know what’s involved in making comforters, MCC Canada has three YouTube videos that explain the process clearly. They made me think: “We can do that!” If you think so too and if you might want to help, please let me know by email (please reply to this email to get Linda’s email address from the webmaster). I am prepared to organize and host the work. When we need a large surface, we will be able to use the tables in the Yellow Farmhouse living room (evenings and weekends).

My tentative goal is for us to make 3 comforters. I base that on my pie-making method where I tell myself: “Three are almost as easy and quick to make as one, and they fit in one oven.”  I might be wrong about the first part, but let’s see how it goes.

Anyone can participate; you don’t need to have a sewing machine or even know how to sew. And you don’t have to take part at every session. We’ll just try to work as quickly as we can – and have fun!

Warren Tyson (left) and Orlando Vasquez knot comforters for MCC during the Mennonite World Conference Assembly held in Harrisburg, Pa., July 21-25, 2015.
MCC Photo/Adam Sensamaust