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Rebecca K Announcements

Saturday, September 14

  • 8:00am Men’s Breakfast, Liberty Restaurant, 419 S Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville
  • 8:00am Women’s Breakfast, Egg Harbor Café, 125 Lake St, Libertyville

Sunday, September 15

  • 9:15am Christian Formation
    • Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, Ch. 2, The Hero and Heroine’s Journey (see note below for details)
  • 10:00am Fellowship Time
  • 10:30am Worship The Season of Creation

Tuesday, September 17

  • 7:00pm Putting Jesus on the Ballot: Anabaptism and American Politics
    • Foundations: Setting Our Theological Bearings
    • Part 1 of 3-part webinar

Wednesday, September 18

  • 7:00pm Children’s Ministry with First Baptist in Waukegan


Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr

September 15: Week 2, The Hero and Heroine’s Journey

“The task of the first half of life is to build a container (achieving, establishing oneself). The task of the second half of life is, quite simply, to find the actual contents that this container was meant to hold and deliver….The second half of life can hold some new wine because by then there should be some new wineskins, some tested ways of holding our lives together.” (p 1,2)

Today’s “hero” now is largely about being fold, muscular, rich, famous, talented, or “fantastic” by himself, and often for himself, whereas the classic hero is one who “goes the distance,” whatever that takes, and then has plenty left over for others. (p. 20)

Over your life journey, when have you been called to go beyond your comfort zone, how have these challenges affected your spiritual growth? What experiences or resources do people need to make a leap of faith more conceivable for them?

“The very first sign of the potential hero’s journey is that he or she must leave home, the familiar. If you have spend many years building your particular tower of success and self-importance—your personal ‘salvation project,’ as Thomas Merton called it—or have successfully constructed your own superior ethnic group, religion, or ‘house,’ you won’t want to leave it.” Can you identify a wound in your life that has opened you to a whole new understanding? How has it shaped the person you have become? Can you identify a major dilemma or life experience that is still trying to change you? How might you invite it to do so intentionally?

“I wonder if we have that real…sense of destiny, call, and fate that led Odysseus to leave father, wife, and son for a second journey. That is the very same obedience…that Jesus scandalously talks about in several places.” (p. 22)

Do you have a sense that there is a deeper movement beneath the surface of your everyday tasks? Can you describe what Richard calls “what you are doing while you are doing what you’re doing”?

Spend time reflecting on your hero’s journey thus far. Picture your life as a river and yourself as a leaf floating on that river. Draw the river of your life with your leaf following its path and illustrate the changes you have experienced. Are there times when your life river becomes very shallow? Or when it is wide and deep? Are there times when it is roiled and muddy? Or crystal clear? When the flow is calm and peaceful?  Note the times when you were called to leave home, where you were led, how it felt. Note times when you were able to sense God’s presence and those when you had more difficulty doing so. Think about where you are now on your hero’s journey. Write a prayer for continued guidance.


Putting Jesus on the Ballot is an MCUSA 3-part webinar led by Scott Peterson. The three sessions are September 17, October 15, and November 19. Please see the Announcement post for more details and a link to registration.

Fall Congregational Meeting

Our fall congregational Meeting will be on Sunday, October 6, 2019, 1:00pm. The NSMC Board welcomes new participants on the NSMC Board.  There are options for a commitment of 1, 2, or 3 years. Please let one of the current Board members–Phil Kym, Kenton Longenecker, Carrie Moser, Kent Grote, Patty Yordy–know if you have interest in participating.

PADS Lunch Preparation on October 5

NSMC is signed up to deliver PADS lunches  on October 5.  Please contact Phil Kym if you are interested in participating in lunch construction.

Creation Care Tip of the Week

Try Composting at Home

Check out this guide to learn how to compost at your home, or go here to see if your neighborhood has a curbside compost pickup option.