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Rebecca K Announcements

Sunday, June 30

  • 10:00am Fellowship Time
  • 10:30am Worship
    • During our summer series, we invite you to experience a different form of active prayer found in Creative Prayer by Faith McCloud.  Our Scripture readings will focus on the life and teaching of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. following the lectionary readings.

Wednesday, July 3

  • 7:00pm Children’s Ministry with First Baptist in Waukegan
Creation Care Tip of the Week

Contact Your Representative

Take initiative today and call, email, or write one of your state representatives regarding a creation care issue that you are passionate about. Positive environmental change starts with the individual and continues with larger scale change. You can contact your representative by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. You can find out who your US Representative is here and your US Senators here.