Final Beer & Hymn Sing on June 15

Rebecca K Announcements

Patty and Tim Peebles are hosting a final beer & hymn at their house in the Rogers Park area because they will be moving to England soon. Their address is 1528 W Farwell, Chicago, Illinois 60626.

Feel free to drop by any time after 3PM. If you’re not interested in the singing, please feel free to drop by earlier to say hi/goodbye. They will have a big pot of something tasty on the stove to be munched on throughout the event, and they invite people to bring their favorite (or an experiment in) vegetarian/vegan food.

Singing will start sometime after supper, when a critical mass appears to have been reached.

As always, please bring:

  • Your favorite beverage to share (juice, tea, beer, wine, etc) 
  • Food to share
  • Your Mennonite Hymnals
  • Any friends you think might like to join the singing