Weekly Calendar

Rebecca K Announcements

Sunday, April 28

  • 9:15am Christian Formation
  • 10:00am Fellowship Time
  • 10:30am Worship
    • Scripture: John 20: 19-31
    • Theme: Jesus appears to the disciples and Thomas

Wednesday, May 1

  • 7:00pm Children’s Ministry with First Baptist in Waukegan


Starting this Sunday, our worship theme will be Six Weeks of Appearances.  We will continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ by focusing on scriptures which describe Jesus appearing to his disciples. Each week we will also sing one verse of “Christ the Lord is risen today.” These appearance stories will bring us to June 9 when we celebrate Pentecost.

April 28: Jesus appears to the disciples and to Thomas in the Upper Room – John 20: 19 – 31. We will also celebrate Earth Day and Creation Care with scripture readings and hymns.

May 5:  Jesus makes breakfast – John 21:1-14;  Ric Hudgens

May 12:  Jesus appears to Mary and calls her name – John 20: 11-18; (Mother’s Day); David Miller, AMBS (not yet confirmed)

May 19:  Peter, do you love me? – John 21: 15 – 17; Ric Hudgens 

May 26:  On the road to Emmaus – Luke 24:13-32

June 2 – Sunday before Pentecost – Jesus eats with the disciples and explains…  Luke 24:33-49

Linda is looking for and inviting speakers for May 26 and beyond. Anyone with ideas should please contact her. 

Creation Care Tip of the Week

Observe Earth Day on April 22nd

Make use of the Earth Day resource developed annually by Creation Justice Ministries. This year’s theme is “The Next Generation Rises” and is all about youth involvement with the environment. Our 2019 resource can be found here. While Earth Day is on April 22nd, we encourage you to celebrate when it makes sense for your community due to the proximity to Easter this year.