Preparing for Sunday, Feb. 24

Anne Munley Announcements

Two Sundays ago Mitch used the image of fusion to describe the transformative potential of Christian community. I have been pondering that metaphor since then, marveling at what God prompted Paul to imagine and work to teach his Corinthian listeners: the power of love sourced and rooted in God and God’s vision for the world.

This coming Sunday, Mitch is going to unfold that Corinthian concept further. In a similar way, this week’s narrative lectionary passage, Matthew 14:13-33, compares and contrasts the political power of Herod with the power of God demonstrated by Jesus in the feeding of the five thousand and in walking across the water to meet the disciples in the wee hours of the morning. You can read the full commentary offered via the narrative lectionary website below. I offer a quote from its author, Stanley Saunders, that captures the kind of shift in what we rely on when we think about living as disciples of Jesus today (emphasis mine)

“Peter fails when his human perceptions of reality overwhelm his perception of divine power.As the story concludes, the disciples worship Jesus (as in Matt 28:17) and, for the first time, confess that he is “Son of God.”

God’s power is loose in the world, but is utterly unlike the power of human empires. Faith involves changing our minds — our imagination of reality — and entails crossing boundaries. This is still the heart of Christian practice in times of violence, scarcity, and alienation.”

Commentary on Matthew 14:13-33

May all of our faithful imaginations and resulting expectations continue to grow and stretch as we look for and respond to the work of God in and around us!