Moving Help Needed

Linda W Announcements

Hello NSMC friends,

We need some help!
Sunday I told those present at church that the Makyabe family will move to a suburb of Appleton, WI this Saturday, Oct. 13. Gloria Walsh is coordinating the move. There are many tricky parts and she is doing a great job. Mitch is loaning his truck and will drive it to Appleton.

Needed from us (our congregation), if at all possible:

  • 3 – 5 able-bodied persons to help pack, carry stuff out to vehicles, drive to Appleton, and carry stuff back inside at the other end.
  • 1 van, big SUV or truck; or a lead on getting one at low cost.
  • $$$ donations, to go to our church and marked LCRG (Lake County Resettlement Group).

For the first two, please contact me.

What I know:
–Volunteers will meet at the house on Birchwood (Rogers Park) at 8 am. Some things will already be packed.
–The drive is about 3 1/2 hours long.
–We will take as little as the family will allow. (It’s hard to let go of things if you’ve done without for a long time.)
–We will help the family buy used furniture at the other end – except for beds and bedding, which need to be new to prevent bed bug transfer.
–Gloria is fund raising via Facebook and is getting results from friends far and wide.

What I don’t know yet:
–The addresses at both ends. I’ll know those by the time we have some volunteers.
–What glitches there will be at the last minute.

Please consider helping however you can, and let me know if it’s with physical presence or large-vehicle “acquisition.”

Thank you.