Party Invitation to NSMC

Linda W Announcements

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You are invited to a party on Sunday, June 24, from 12:30 to 4pm. Enjoy lunch and some at-ease time with “our” refugee family and with other volunteers and friends who have contributed to the co-sponsorship and settling in of the Makyabes in our country and area.

Non-NSMC friends are also invited to join our church service in the Libertyville Civic Center. We will meet the extended Makyabe family there.

Invitation details:

Coffee get-together, North Suburban Mennonite Church

Church service until 11:30; then mingle briefly with the Makyabe family

Lunch and party at Linda’s house; 1214 Prairie Orchid Lane, Grayslake. Indoor-outdoor; getting to know and chatting with others who have contributed to this cause in various ways, and with the Makyabe family. Beach and swim time, weather permitting. Have fun!

This is a family affair. Please feel free to bring your spouse, partner, best friend and/or children. Bring swimwear if interested, and sun and bug protection.

You are welcome to decide at the last minute and just show up. However, it will help with planning the food if you let me know about the party starting at 12:30–4pm.

To RSVP: linda [at] libertyprairie [dot] org
Yes, I will come. _____ I will bring _____ guest(s)
No, sorry, I cannot come. _____

I am very grateful to you all! So many have contributed: financially, with furniture, material goods and food gifts, tutoring, mentoring, special outings, job searches, health care support, rides, and various problem solving. It has been a truly amazing experience for me, to have so many people step up in unexpected situations and without any special direction. In the process, some of us have become friends, but we don’t all know each other.

This party is my chance to say Thank You, and an opportunity for contributors to get to know each other better and celebrate the successes to date, of all your assistance.

I hope you can join us.