Lake County United

March 11 Lake County United Meeting

Anne Munley Announcements

Dear NSMC friends,

Lake County United (LCU) is an organization made up of non-profit organizations who have banded together to advocate to improve the well-being of those who live in Lake County, Illinois. While many of the participating organizations are churches, LCU is not a faith-based organization. It uses a model of activism based on the work of Saul Alinsky that differs from models of Anabaptist activism, however, I have attended several of the quarterly gatherings and keep up with their work. You can learn more about Saul Alinsky’s guidelines by reading about “Rules for Radicals” on Wikipedia.

Some of the issues being pursued in Lake County include creation of a behavioral health hospital in Waukegan (something badly needed that we do not have–McHenry County is our closest resource), continued work towards affordable housing, and a college path for minority students. All of these are issues of critical importance in our context.

I encourage you to explore this announcement for updates on the above issues and to learn more about their upcoming meeting on March 11 in Park Ridge. I find encouragement in the action and commitment of this varied group to these common causes. Here is a link to information about the upcoming meeting.