Yes! Let It Be!

Rebecca K Announcements

This Sunday, December 3, is the first Sunday of Advent and Michael Danner, Conference Executive Minister for the Illinois Mennonite Conference, is our guest speaker. Our theme for Advent is “Yes! Let It Be!”

In Luke 1:38, Mary’s prayer is “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.” Mary had just heard an amazing plan—and from an angel, no less! The plan was for her to carry, and give birth to, the Son of God! Mary responded, “Let it be.” We recognize that our understanding of what Mary is expressing here could use some correction. Mary is often characterized as a meek and passive, obedient servant. Meekness and obedience do have value, but a close look at the language Luke uses suggests a more active engagement with God’s plan. In technical Greek grammar terms, the key phrase, “let it be with me . . .” (genoito moi), is in the aorist optative mood, a mood that expresses a wish, or a prayer. In less technical terms, Mary is giving voice to an active commitment. Mary is expressing a strong desire to be part of God’s plan. An even less technical way of expressing this might be the colloquial “Bring it on!”

This Advent season we are invited, along with Mary, to make this our prayer to God: “Yes! Let it be!” Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30am on the upper level of the Libertyville Civic Center.

Please plan to stay after the worship service for a shared potluck meal.