What Faith Looks Like

Rebecca KLiving as Anabaptists

Faith is often described as a strongly held belief, often without evidence. It’s easy to associate faith with religion because we can’t really see God, but we believe God exists.

That is the common definition of faith and one I learned growing up. To have faith is to believe. By this definition, there isn’t much to see.

Since becoming part of a Mennonite church, I have expanded my definition of faith to something more.

In our adult Christian Formation class, we are discussing Noel Moules’s book Fingerprints of Fire…Footprints of Peace. Moules offers this definition of faith: “Faith is making happen what God wants to happen.” Faith requires action on our part—persistent and strenuous work toward bringing about what God wants to happen.

What does faith look like in our congregation? I see people who work tirelessly to help a new refugee family settle in. I see people who staff the early morning shift at a homeless shelter. I see people who tutor and care for area children as if they were their own. I see people willing to risk courageous conversations around difficult issues. I see regular encouragement for all of us to find ways to do God’s work here and now.

Even though we’re a small congregation, faith is visible. And it is a wondrous thing to see.