Race: beginning (again)


Illinois Mennonite Conference is hosting an event on racial justice and reconciliation on October 27–28, 2017 at Menno Haven Camp and Retreat Center. With issues of race and violence on the front page, IMC is creating a space for persons within IMC to come together around issues of racial justice and reconciliation.

IMC intends to start a public discussion within IMC with an eye towards ongoing engagement around these issues, even while recognizing the challenges of the circumstance.

The two-day workshop will have three agenda items:

  1. We’ll begin with an overview and strategies for coming to terms with race and racism within ourselves.
  2. We’ll spend time learning about White Supremacy–what it is, what it isn’t, and how to work at it.
  3. We’ll spend time learning about immigration, current challenges, and Latino identity and theology.

Ric Hudgens will be one of the presenters along with Krista Dutt, Martin Navarro, and Tim Peebles.

For more information, here is a flyer about the event. In addition, read Michael Danner’s blog post about how and why this event came together.