Chicago Pilgrim Walk Oct. 13-15

Rebecca K Announcements

Krista Dutt of MCC in Chicago has passed along information about the Chicago Pilgrim Walk, October 13-15.

Chicago Pilgrim Walk is a pilgrimage to holy sites in Chicago: sites made holy by their participation in the Passion of Christ (via death by gun); sites made holy by the people working​ ​to transform this violence into peace. We are walking in the neighborhoods most affected by gun deaths to show our care and concern for those who are suffering, to support people in the community working for positive change, and to better understand our role and responsibility in confronting the systemic racism that plagues Chicago and directly contributes to gun violence.

Peter Buttitta, a hospital chaplain, is organizing the event and has put out an information flyer with more details. Registration includes a $35 fee to cover lodging and modest stipends for peacemaking organizations. Participants can walk for an hour, an afternoon, or all three days. The flyer includes a map of the route.