Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace

Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace

Rebecca K Announcements

Starting September 10, we will begin a fall study with the book Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace by Noel Moules. If you would like Anne to order a copy for you, please let her know by August 20. Moules’s book is available via Amazon in paperback, new, used, or Kindle.

In this vibrant and radical book, Moules offers a compelling vision of identity, community, life and faith from a ‘Jesus perspective’. By sketching a bold and colorful manifesto that teems with graciously passionate provocation, the author explores creativity, wisdom, spiritual growth, truth, ecology, values, justice, faith-dialogue and activism, all wrapped in the thrilling encompassing vision of shalom.

Moules is a thinker, teacher and activist for peace, justice and deep ecology. He is creator and director of the Workshop program for applied spirituality and a founder member of the Anabaptist Network UK.

For more information about the book and access to an interactive guide, please visit the book’s website.