A Thank You from Deeksha Pagar

Rebecca K Announcements

This summer, NSMC has sponsored an intern, Deeksha Pagar, at the Cool Summer Experience program in Waukegan. She sent us this thank-you note via Dale and Kay.

Dear Dale and Kay (and the rest of the congregation),

Thank you playing a part in making this summer exceptionally beautiful. It was an experience I will cherish and remember for a very long time. The kids and the program have left me with incredible memories, and they have taught me a lot about myself.

I hope I had as much of a positive impact on their lives as they did on mine. It gives me hope to see them become more aware of their environment and the impact they have on their surroundings and habitat.

It was certainly challenging and difficult at times. But their smiles and energies were the only motivation I needed. Each of them had a unique story to tell, and each of them was walking on a different path. To witness that and to have swayed them in a positive direction is a great privilege. I can’t wait to see what their future holds for them. I’m sure it will be full of wonderful things.

Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate everything you have done for me and continue to do for the kids.

Lots of love,