Cool Learning Experience Needs Our Help!

Kay K Announcements

Barbara Waller and others at the Cool Learning Experience need some help this week and next.  They need extra help the last week, 7/31-8/4 because teachers are not available after 7/28. Please read below to learn of their needs and consider helping in any way possible. If you are not able to help, do you know someone who could fulfill any of these needs?
First of all, they need someone skilled in data analysis to analyze their demographic data that they will collect from parents this week.  Some of the information they capture from registration forms needs to be inputted on an excel spreadsheet and summarized in bar graphs and pie charts.

In the next two weeks, they have these needs:

  • Monday-Thursday:  11:30-1:00, lunch time and free play
  • Monday-Friday: 3:30-5:00, indoor/outdoor sports and games
  • Friday: 9:00-11:30, walking children to/from local park for tennis and lacrosse lessons, assisting as needed as well as taking pictures;  12:30-3:00, supervision at Waukegan beach in and out of the water.
  • The 8/9 grade Career Pathway teachers can use help with their community garden project.  Their days at the garden vary, more info to come.
  • Math tutoring for (3-4) middle school students early mornings (8:30) or late afternoon (3:45)
  • Office help needed after August 24th, includes inventory, filing and organizing materials.
  • Help taking down room decorations and cleaning during the last week.

For more information, here is the link is to their June 2017 newsletter: June 2017 Eco-Times Newsletter.

Thank you much!