NSMC Church Board Announcements

Phil K Announcements

Dear NSMC Congregation,

Please find attached a list of announcements (some of which request your action) coming out of our most recent NSMC Board meeting.

  1. The NSMC Board solicits your nominations for new Board members for the term starting in September, 2017.  We are looking for nominees for the 3 year term Board Chair position (Future Chair – year one; Chair – year two; Past Chair – year three) and for the Secretary position (2 year term).  Please send nominations to Phil Kym at phil.r.kym at abbvie dot com by the end of July.
  2. We continue to make plans to vacate the Mennonite Ministries office on Peterson road  before our lease expires at the end of September.  One of the ongoing activities is a review of the Church library to determine which books that we want to transfer over to the Civic Center.  Our new church library will be on mobile carts and will be more accessible to the congregation on a weekly basis when we meet together at the Civic Center on Sundays.  We invite everyone that is interested in the Church Library to make some time to review the current library  and make their recommendations on the books that should be transferred.  Please contact a Board member or Anne to arrange a time to meet at the Mennonite Ministries Office.
  3. NSMC Church Work Day.  We would appreciate your help on Saturday, August 26 to spend some time cleaning out our Civic Center space and moving the large items from the Office to the Civic Center and other locations.  We plan to rent a truck to help facilitate the moving activities on August 26.  More details on timing will be provided closer to the date.


NSMC Church Board