Rally Day for Menno Haven

Anne MunleyAnnouncements

From Doc Johnson at Menno Haven–

On Rally Day, May 29, 2017, we invite you to Rally in Prayer with us through the coming year. We are looking to have people pray with us daily from May 29, 2017 – May 28, 2018.

Success of Menno Haven Summer Camps, Winter Retreats, Adult Programming, and Retreat Guest Groups is more than getting the largest number of participants or having the coolest, most exciting activities….. it’s about providing a place for people to meet Jesus.

Prayer is how that happens. And we need more than the prayers of the year round staff. We need yours. Imagine if we had hundreds of people praying daily for Jesus to become real to those who come to Menno Haven, for attendees to have an open heart to see Him, for year-round and summer staff to be ministering as the hands and feet of Jesus. This is the kind of camp I want to send my kids to. This is the kind of retreat I want to attend. This is where I want to plan my upcoming event.

Join us in prayer. Sign up for a day or two or ten. Let’s make sure every day of summer camp; every day of youth, family, and adult programing; every day of guest group attendance, and every day (because every day is a ministry day as we are always planning and/or preparing for the many people who come) is covered in prayer by 1 or more persons. Let us show the campers, the retreat participants and the guest groups that we know the importance of prayer and that they are important to pray for.

Here are ways to pray for Menno Haven. We invite you to pray for:

  • God’s presence to be felt upon stepping foot on this property
  • The guest group and retreat participants to feel a calling to a deeper and closer walk with Jesus
  • Guest groups, retreat participants, and campers to be free from injury and illness while they are here
  • God-given wisdom and discernment for the Board of Directors and Doc Johnson, Executive Director, as they lead Menno Haven
  • The Menno Haven staff to be a unified team
  • The Menno Haven staff to have the wisdom, energy and rest needed to do the tasks set before them
  • The facilities, vehicles, and equipment to stay in good repair
  • Skilled and willing volunteers to come and volunteer as they are able
  • Summer staff to fill the positions needed for this coming summer – male and female counselors, kitchen assistants, maintenance assistants, craft coordinator, office assistant/adventure education assistant, housekeeping assistant and lifeguard
  • Summer staff to hear God speak to them as they prepare for the summer
  • Campers to have open and ready hearts to hear what will be presented during summer camp which will be focusing on the theme “Fearless Faith: Trust in God” and Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”
  • Summer staffers and campers to be illness and injury free this summer
  • Doc, the Menno Haven Staff and the Board of Directors to find ways to best steward the finances, the land, and the resources that God has blessed us with
  • People to be able to give generously towards the Oak Lodge Renovation as well as to the Menno Haven Annual Fund
  • Those who leave this property to feel the call to go forth and be the hands and feet of Jesus, spreading his love, to the people they meet

For summer camp specifically we could use prayer for the following:

  • Sundays
    • Safety for campers and families traveling to/from Menno Haven.
    • Calmness of “first night away from home” jitters (for both campers and parents)
  • Sundays – Fridays
    • Summer staff to have the words to present the gospel message clearly
    • Campers to have open ears and hearts to hear God’s message
    • Campers to know Jesus’s love for them through the actions and teachings of the week
    • Safety for the campers and staff while having an amazing amount of fun during the various camp activities
    • Close friendships to be fostered among campers and staff
    • Menno Haven facilities and equipment to stay in good working order to minister to the needs of the people present
  • Fridays (Wednesday of Cottontail Camp)
    • Safety for campers and families traveling to/from Menno Haven.
    • The campers’ transition to home
      • For people to be available to hear their stories
      • For them to be able to follow through on any commitments made while at camp
      • For them to remember Jesus’s love and teachings they heard through out the week
  • Saturdays & Sunday mornings
    • Summer staff to have physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation to ready their hearts for the next week of service

Menno Haven has the opportunity to provide the best week of the year for hundreds of kids this summer and the best weekend or week for thousands of retreat participants and guest groups. All of this can only happen through the power and presence of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. With prayer this is possible. Let’s make it happen!

We are so thankful for your willingness to partner with us and God and surround this 231 acres in prayer.