Supplies Drive for our Refugee Friends

Linda W Announcements

The Makyabe family arrived in the U.S. from Congo via a Tanzanian refugee camp on October 3. There was no co-sponsor for them at that time, therefore nobody equipped and supplied their apartment with home necessities other than beds. When Lake County Resettlement group recently chose to assist them we agreed to pay a rent supplement for up to 6 months (from the funds we raised earlier), furnish and supply their apartment, visit-mentor the family and tutor the children. All of that is started and we are finding ourselves richly blessed in beginning a relationship with them and with partner churches and individuals.

Other partners are collecting furniture, kitchen, dining and bathroom supplies. We of North Suburban Mennonite Church are asked to provide some bedroom supplies, certain other items, and games and books (with pictures!) that can help adults, and children aged 7 to 17 learn English.

Items needed currently:

  • 5 sets twin bed sheets and pillow cases for the children
  • 1 set queen bed sheets and pillow cases for the parents
  • 3 small rugs to place in front of beds (floors are bare)
  • book case
  • light bulbs (6 “green”, long lasting)
  • extension cord
  • DVD player and head phones (for ESL learning)
  • kitchen towels and sponges
  • sewing kit (with scissors)
  • books, card and board games (they have Spot it, Swap it, Go Fish and Blokus).

There may be a few more things needed later. Karen Kym is coordinating our collection. Please let her know what you have and when/how you can get it to her.

Thank you!
Linda, Karen, Mitch, Janelle