Lake County Resettlement Group Goes Live!

Linda W Announcements

Although no new refugees are coming to Chicago currently, many who were “rushed in” before the ban struck need volunteer help in becoming acclimatized. We have chosen a family to support and will learn Thursday evening, what we can do to assist them and how best to do that.

Kim Snoddy, (RefugeeOne), will lead our mentoring training March 16, at 7pm, at the Mennonite Ministries office on 324 Peterson Road, Libertyville.

If you think you may be able to help with visiting the family at some point, please come to this training. I expect that Kim will tell us more about “our” family and review what is involved in social visits and child tutoring as well as mentoring.

In a nutshell about our family: They are Bembe Congolese with five children and one on the way. They are Christian and have lived in a Tanzanian refugee camp. They speak Bembe and Swahili. The father works at Skychefs in packaging, at $10/hr. They need mentoring, English practice, tutoring, other help, and some financial and material support.

The family and an interpreter will be ready for a first visit on Wednesday, March 22, at 5pm. Those going there will report to the congregation later.