Refugee Resettlement Project Update

Linda W Announcements

Nine people from our church attended the information meeting Monday, December 12. That was terrific! They are receiving more in-depth information, which will soon be available to everyone via a google site Karen Kym has constructed.

Thirty people from 7 different congregations, and independents came. Kim Snoddy, our representative from RefugeeOne, made an excellent presentation. We received an immediate pledge of $2,000 from one family and since then, the pledge from a second family of a $5,000 matching grant (in addition to $10,000 previously pledged). As a result, any donations now will be matched 2:1. Wow! We, the core planning team, are very grateful for and motivated by such a great show of support.

Since then Kim has set up a “page” with our story and the fund raising information. Here is the link: To help financially, click on the “Donate Now” button just above the thermometer.

Also, Karen Kym has set up our own google site, on which we will post meeting summaries, where to send donation checks, and other information as work continues. The link is  We are working on the content of this site.

We will keep informing those who have already expressed interest, and others we want to attract. We hope that people will:

  • reflect on what they might do toward co-sponsoring a refugee family.
  • consider financial support toward the cause.
  • talk about the need and opportunity to help refugees, with friends.

We will also recruit churches and civic groups to partner with us in welcoming a family and helping them resettle and integrate into a new country and community.