Creativity and the Parable of the Sower

Meg R Living as Anabaptists

I love a good story. I think everyone loves a good story. It’s in our DNA. Maybe that’s why Jesus was a story teller. One story that has stuck with me through the years is the story of the sower and the different soils.

I was once a farmer. I spent years with the soil in my fields. During that time I saw Jesus’ parable of the sower in a new light. There I was, day after day, with my hands in different soils. I drove over the hard path around my fields and tried sowing grass seed over the bare spots. I had fields with rocky soil, weedy soil, and good dependable soil. Jesus’ parable took on new life for me. I lived it. And in living the parable, I realized I am all of those soils. At times I have a hard heart, a distracted heart, a shallow and rocky heart. And at times, a soft receptive heart.

I no longer struggle with the soil for my living. Instead, I struggle to pursue a creative life. Yet, I find that I am still living the parable of the sower. I see it as I seek to grow my creativity. As I search for ways to express my creativity I come across the same soils the sower did in Jesus’ story. I find that I can be hard-hearted and refuse the call to creativity. I find that I can be inspired and start a project, only to be quickly discouraged by the amount of work or to find my inner critic mocking my efforts. I can try another project, but find life’s obligations crowd out the time I need for the new project. It chokes and dies. But sometimes, the creative seed finds soft, receptive, fertile ground. There is enough space to grow and inspiration turns into creation. And in that creation I find that I am blessed.