May 7 Worship and Christian Formation with Don Blosser

Rebecca K News

On May 7, we welcome Don Blosser to NSMC as our guest speaker in worship and leader of Christian Formation. Christian Formation starts at 9:15am and worship at 10:30am.

Blosser, a retired Goshen College Bible professor, received his doctorate from St. Andrews University in Scotland and became an ordained Mennonite minister who pastored congregations in Freeport, Ill. and Akron, Pa. His most recent book is Pastor and Professor: A Public Faith (2012) and he also authored Dictionary of the Literature of the Bible (1993), and was a contributor to Jesus: His Life and Times (1998).

Please note that our discussion of the Doctrine of Discovery will start on May 21 because Pastor Ric will be a guest speaker at Reba Place on May 14. If you have not watched the Doctrine of Discovery documentary movie, please do so before May 21. Stream or download the movie from the Doctrine of Discovery website. In addition, please download the first module of the study guide.